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We understand that your medium duty truck cargo area is exposed to possible damages more often than anything. While loading and unloading, heavy duty forklifts drive in and out, most of the time causing damages to wooden floors, on aluminum sides of your cargo box. Also, there are many instances when drivers unaware of the truck’s clearance damage corner caps, or parts of the roof. Later on, shippers refuse to load box trucks that have leaks caused by damages on top of the box.

Furthermore, drivers sometime forget that their straight trucks are locked at the dock while loading/unloading, and while locked they try to drive away resulting in damages to ICC bars on the back of the truck’s box.

Many older straight truck boxes have faded color, resulting in unprofessional look on the road and at customer’s premisses.

Most of the used straight trucks purchased from bigger motor carrier companies, would still have either vinyl signage, or spots on the box that can not be removed or washed.

Truckzone offers solution for those problems!

We can fix holes in your box of your straight truck, we can install new ICC bar, paint the whole van body and roll up or swing doors, and more.


ICC Bar Installation $450.00
Cargo BOX Truck Painting(white) $1,500-2,500
Corner Cap Installation on Morgan or Supreme box $300.00 each
Box Truck Side Patches $150 and up
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